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Meet the Doctor

DR Bobby Jones

Dr.Bobby Jones, Chiropractor

Over 20 years ago, Dr. Bobby Jones fell from a ladder landing on his left hip and lower back causing severe pain. After three hours waiting in the emergency room before finally being examined and x-rayed, doctors informed him, “Nothing was broken.” They handed him prescriptions for muscle relaxers and pain medication and sent him home to recover, which they said, would take a couple of days. But, for the ensuing three days, Dr.

Jones was unable to raise either leg high enough to climb the stairs out of his basement apartment.

Luckily, a friend took matters into her own hands and took him to her chiropractor. After a comprehensive evaluation and additional x-rays, the chiropractor determined that Dr. Jones’ pelvis and lumbar spine were out of alignment. According to Dr. Jones, “He did a very thorough exam, adjusted me, and when I got off of the table I was 90% better. I experienced a miracle.”

It took a few years before Dr. Jones decided to become a chiropractor, but that event changed his entire outlook on healthcare, and he is now lucky enough to observe similar “miracles” with his patients every day.

Education and Experience

Dr. Bobby Jones graduated valedictorian with the University of Western States’ class of 2001 and has practiced in the Portland area since 2005. He also has BS degrees in biology, chemistry and secondary education and an MS in geology.

Dr. Jones has studied numerous chiropractic techniques and obtained several supplemental certificates. He is an Activator Methods Advanced Proficient practitioner. This technique allows him to check the body at each visit to determine what levels of the spine need to be adjusted and which segments should be left alone.

He also studied with Dr. Tedd Koren, learning the Koren Specific Technique (KST) that allows the patient to be adjusted in a position that reproduces the stress and pain they regularly experience throughout their daily lives. This provides an even better way of analyzing segments that are causing stress to the body but only in certain positions.

In addition to expertise with various cutting-edge adjusting tools and methods, Dr. Jones is a strong advocate for proper nutrition including identifying specific diet sensitivities as well as necessary dietary deficiencies. Based upon the cutting edge work of Dr. Frank Springob, Morphogenic Field Technique, Dr. Jones is able to assess the body's specific nutritional needs. He understands that proper nutrition is vital to help the body heal injured tissue.

Dr Jones is also trained in homeopathy and will often recommend homeopathic remedies to stimulate the body’s own innate power to heal if indicated.

He is married to wife Sandy and spend their spare time (and money) restoring a 1912 Farmhouse in Gresham. He has a daughter, Caitlin, who lives in North Georgia and works as an elementary school teacher. They are the caretakers for four cats and several fish.

Check Out What Our Patients Have to Say

  • "I began to develop symptoms of what would eventually turn into a frozen shoulder. I tried time off, pain medications, physical therapy, and threats of surgery - all to no avail. Then, my naturopath recommended that I see Dr. Bobby Jones. I began treatment in November and began to see improvement almost immediately. I am no longer being woken by pain and I have almost no pain during the day; my range of motion has dramatically increased. I am confident that I will regain full use of my shoulder without surgery, thanks to Dr. Jones. He is highly skilled, extremely intuitive, and up-to-date on all the latest techniques. It has been a joy to work with him and I plan to be a patient of his indefinitely."
  • "Until I found Dr. Bobby Jones, no one seemed to be able to give me a reasonable diagnosis or treatment that could help reverse my escalating difficulties in walking. Dr. Bobby Jones' adjustments have kept me from going back to using an electric scooter, which I had been dependent on for a year! Dr. Jones first adjusted my pelvis and after only one treatment, I was able to walk through the airports almost pain-free, without having to use the wheelchair service. Six months later, I am still walking well, gaining muscle strength and physical endurance because of Bobby's expertise and willing partnership in my quest for health. I'm even able to go dancing sometimes! As a chiropractic physician, Dr. Jones not only has good skills, but also has a wonderful, caring "can do" approach to problems his patients face. I would highly recommend him to anyone."
  • "I have been going to see Dr. Bobby Jones for almost three years now. My doctor referred me to him when I hurt my lower back at work; it hurt to walk. I was nervous to go see a chiropractor - the thought of someone cracking my bones freaked me out. I went to see him and immediately felt that I was important, and that it was important to Dr. Jones that I got better, and quickly. I explained to Dr. Jones my hesitations about this type of treatment and also what was hurting. He listened and he told me about the Activator Method and how he could do the adjustments without it being as "scary" as the manual adjustment. I felt so much better after my first adjustment. I could walk without incredible pain. Dr. Jones has gone above and beyond any expectation I have had for a health care provider. I feel very at ease having Dr. Jones do my adjustments. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. I have walked in there having a bad day and left with a huge smile on my face. I highly recommend Dr. Jones!"
  • "My husband has had acid reflux for four years. He takes an over the counter drug, with many side affects. Dr. Jones suggested he take enzymes instead. It has been two weeks and he has no more acid reflux. It is unbelievable. He can't believe it was that easy."
  • "Thank you so much for the comfort and relief. Not only do I love coming to your office for restoration of physical health, but also for the friendship, community, and emotional health. The difference after just one visit is amazing. Thank you so much for everything - I look forward to my next visit."

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