Our mission

In our office, we address the three major stresses that affect your health. First we address physical stress, not only accidents or physical injury but the day to day physical stress of sitting at a computer or in a desk at school or simply dealing with the gravitational pull of the earth on your body. Second we deal with chemical and toxic stress -think about what's in the water you drink and the air you breathe, let alone the chemicals in your food. And lastly mental stress as our emotions affect our brain function and health. 

Dr. Jones will explain everything to you in terms you can understand, making it easy to understand what is the underlying cause of your problem and how it can be helped with neurologically based chiropractic care.


Chiropractic Treatment

Gentle Instrument Adjustments

Patient care plans typically include light force, neurologically based Chiropractic adjustments. Our specific adjustments have been proven to improve brain function and stimulate brain balance. Our adjustments are predominantly instrument based and specially chosen for each patient based on their neurological needs. Most of our patients enjoy the fact that our adjustments do not involve “popping, twisting, or snapping” but allows a gentle yet specific adjustment of the entire vertebral column, discs, hips, TMJ, shoulders, knees, feet, cranial bones, ribs, and/or anything else that needs attention.

Patients are either standing, sitting and/or laying while getting adjusted in order to best bring up areas of nerve stress. These adjustments are the first choice of the many tools in Dr. Jones’ toolkit in improving brain function and returning you to optimal health and wellness.

It's all about stress

Our exams are designed to evaluate your brain and nerve function as well as overall health. We use state of the art technology to help identify the root cause of any dysfunction. We will perform a physical exam which lets us see how you're functioning structurally. In addition, we perform a neurological evaluation to see how the peripheral nerves (those that travel through your muscles) are firing.  Finally we follow up with a Stress Response Evaluation (SRE), which allows us to see exactly how your brain is functioning on a daily basis and determine specifically how long and what type of adjustments are needed. We understand the importance of proper brain and nerve function for your health. We are truly in the business of stopping “bad brain habits” and allowing your brain as well as your body to achieve peak performance. 

He is highly skilled, extremely intuitive, and up-to-date on all the latest techniques. It has been a joy to work with him and I plan to be a patient of his indefinitely.
— CJ, Patient